Interactive Sensory Garden Featuring Flora that is Indigenous to this Land

By Alex Elizabeth Stribling, Lead Toddler Teacher

Northwest Indian College’s Early Learning Center has innovated an Interactive Sensory Garden that enables preschool children to engage in experiential STEM... read more

Spring Is Here and So Are We: NWIC preschoolers learn to explore!

Do you hear those sounds? They are the sounds of birds, bugs, and children playing! It is spring, and we are fully experiencing the new season at Northwest Indian College’s Early Learning Center.
One of our... read more

Announcing NWIC’s Children’s Interactive Sensory Garden

Northwest Indian College has just finished constructing its Children’s Interactive Sensory Garden. The garden supports children’s education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). It... read more

ECE STEM Education at our ELC

On Friday November 9, 2018 I was able to watch as we had our Salish Sea Research Center team from the Northwest Indian College come in and visit our Early Learning Center classrooms. When they came in our kids were... read more

Engaging Native Children in STEM: What Our X’epy (Cedar People) and Scha’nexw (Salmon People) Can Teach Us about the World

Northwest Indian College has received another Early Childhood Education (ECE) grant entitled, For the Wisdom of the Children: Strengthening the Teacher of Color Pipeline, from the American Indian College Fund.

NWIC Restorative Teaching celebrates the completion of the Outdoor Learning Classroom

A gathering for Northwest Indian College’s Restorative Teachings Early Childhood Education Initiative recently took place at our Early Learning Center. Joined by aunties, uncles, grandparents, elders, close friends,... read more

Blackhawk Singers made a special visit to the Northwest Indian College’s Early Learning Center

Lawrence Solomon of the Blackhawk Singers made a special visit to the Northwest Indian College’s Early Learning Center to share his gifts with the children and staff. Mr. Solomon’s visit came during our celebration... read more

The Sacred Little Ones and Restorative Teachings Early Childhood
Education Initiatives are for and by the Lummi community’s children and families.

About Us

Teaching and caring for the tribe’s youngest children is of tremendous importance to the Lummi Nation. Lummi people care deeply for their children and .. read more

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Headquartered on the Lummi Indian Reservation in Washington State, 20 miles from the Canadian border, Northwest Indian College .. .. read more

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